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How much do Hamilton cast get paid?

It is no surprise that the cast of Hamilton, the award-winning Broadway musical, is getting paid quite well. The show has become one of the highest-grossing Broadway shows in history and is beloved by fans all around the world. So, just how much do Hamilton cast members get paid?

The basic salary for a cast member of Hamilton is $2,000 per week, which is quite good for a Broadway show. This amount is divided among the lead performers and their fellow supporting cast members. The lead performers, which include the title role of Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and King George, typically receive a higher salary than the supporting cast members. Lead performers can make up to $3,500 per week, depending on their prior experience and how much the show has been running for.

In addition to these base salaries, Hamilton cast members also have the potential to make additional income through performance bonuses. These are paid out when the cast reaches certain box office milestones. For example, when the show grosses $2 million in a given week, all of the cast members will receive a bonus of $2,500. This bonus can increase as the show continues to bring in more money, and some of the lead performers have reported making as much as $20,000 in a single week.

The show also pays some of its cast members a bonus if they stay with the show for a certain amount of time. For instance, those who stay with the show for at least 5 years will receive a $10,000 bonus. This bonus increases the longer one is with the show, up to a maximum of $50,000 for those who stay for 10 years.

Finally, there is also the potential to make additional money through merchandise sales. Cast members of Hamilton are often asked to sign posters, programs, and other items, which can be sold for a profit. This is often an additional source of income for the cast members.

Overall, the cast of Hamilton is doing quite well for themselves financially. The base salary is already quite good, and there is the potential to make even more through performance bonuses, longevity bonuses, and merchandise sales. It is no wonder Hamilton continues to be one of the most popular shows on Broadway.

How much do Hamilton cast get paid?

Find Out How Much the Hamilton Cast Earns for Their Stellar Performances

The cast of Hamilton is one of the most popular and successful Broadway casts of all time. Not only have they taken the theatrical world by storm, but they have also made quite a bit of money for their stellar performances. But how much do the Hamilton cast members actually get paid?

The Hamilton cast is comprised of a cast of 16 actors and actresses. The actors earn around $1,000 a week. The actresses earn a bit less, but still in the range of $890 to $1,000 a week. This is a significant raise from the median Broadway salary, which is usually between $1,000 and $1,200 per week.

The Hamilton cast may also receive additional salary bonuses for their performances. These bonuses can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the show’s success. Additionally, the stars of the show can receive a percentage of the show’s profits. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, reportedly receives 4.5% of the show’s profits.

In addition to the salary, the Hamilton cast may also receive awards and recognition for their performances. The show has received 20 Tony Awards, making it the most Tony Award-winning show in history. The actors and actresses of the show have also received numerous Olivier Awards, Drama Desk Awards, and Outer Critics Circle Awards.

Overall, the Hamilton cast is among the highest-paid casts in Broadway. With their stellar performances and awards, they are certainly earning their salaries and bonuses. If you are interested in seeing the show, be sure to check out the official Hamilton website and purchase tickets to the show.

How much do Hamilton cast get paid? 2

Uncovering the Salaries of the Noteworthy Hamilton Broadway Company

The Hamilton Broadway production has taken the world by storm and it’s easy to see why. Featuring riveting music, thrilling performances, and an inspiring story about one of the most influential figures in American history, the show has captivated audiences and won a legion of dedicated fans. But just how much money are the actors and singers of this production taking home? Let’s take a look at the salary information available for cast members of the Hamilton Broadway company.

The cast of Hamilton is divided into two tiers. The main cast, known as the “Principals”, are the stars of the show and receive the highest salaries. According to, the current salaries for the principal cast of Hamilton are as follows:

Lin-Manuel Miranda$6,000/week
Jonathan Groff$5,000/week
Renée Elise Goldsberry$6,000/week
Phillipa Soo$6,000/week
Leslie Odom Jr.$6,000/week
Christopher Jackson$4,000/week

In addition to the principal cast, the show also features an ensemble of talented performers who provide the show’s musical accompaniment and back up the principals. The salaries for these performers vary, but are typically between $800 and $2,000 per week. This is significantly lower than the principal cast, but it is still a decent wage.

In addition to their salaries, the cast of Hamilton also receive a generous benefits package. These benefits include paid vacation days, health insurance, and a 401k retirement plan. These benefits are on top of the salaries listed above, and help to provide the cast with a secure financial future.

It’s clear that the cast of Hamilton are being well compensated for their amazing work. It’s no wonder the show has been so successful, and it’s easy to see why the cast are so dedicated to their art. With their hard work and beautiful performances, it’s no wonder that the show has become one of the most successful Broadway productions of all time.

[toggles][toggle title=”What is the salary of the Hamilton cast?”] The cast of Hamilton typically earns a salary of between $2,000 and $4,000 a week. [/toggle][toggle title=”Are Hamilton cast members paid well?”] Yes, Hamilton cast members are paid very well, depending on their role in the show. [/toggle][toggle title=”Does the Hamilton cast receive benefits?”] Yes, the Hamilton cast receives benefits such as health insurance and pension plans. [/toggle][toggle title=”Do Hamilton cast members get royalties?”] Yes, cast members of Hamilton receive royalties when the show is performed in other cities. [/toggle][toggle title=”What is the average salary of a Hamilton cast member?”] The average salary of a Hamilton cast member is around $3,500 per week. [/toggle][toggle title=”Do Hamilton cast members receive bonuses?”] Yes, Hamilton cast members can receive bonuses for excellent performances or special events. [/toggle][toggle title=”Do the Hamilton cast receive any other benefits?”] Yes, in addition to salary and royalties, the Hamilton cast members can receive other benefits such as housing, transportation, and meals. [/toggle][toggle title=”Do Hamilton cast members get paid the same amount?”] No, the amounts that Hamilton cast members get paid can vary depending on their role in the show. [/toggle][toggle title=”Does the Hamilton cast earn overtime pay?”] Yes, the Hamilton cast members can earn overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours per week. [/toggle][toggle title=”Do Hamilton cast members get paid for interviews?”] No, the Hamilton cast members are not typically paid for interviews or promotional activities. [/toggle][/toggles]

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