Should You Drive Up Or Down Lombard Street?
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Should You Drive Up Or Down Lombard Street?

Should you drive up or down Lombard Street? Located in San Francisco, Lombard Street is a scenic spot and a popular tourist attraction. This winding street is famous for its steep hill and sharp turns, making it one of the most popular driving routes in the United States. But which way is the best way to drive it – up or down?

First, drivers should consider the safety factors when navigating Lombard Street. Driving down the street is more dangerous than driving up because of the difficulty in controlling the car on the steep grade and sharp turns. Additionally, the street can get quite crowded on the weekends, as it is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. For this reason, it is advisable to drive up Lombard Street rather than down. Driving up the street gives you a better view of the city, and you can move at your own pace while taking in the sights.

The second factor to consider is the cost. Lombard Street is a public right-of-way, so there is no cost to drive up or down the street. However, parking is not allowed on the street, so drivers should plan on paying for a spot in one of the nearby lots. There are also tolls and bridge fees to consider if you are coming from another part of the city.

Finally, drivers should think about convenience. Driving up Lombard Street is generally easier than driving down, since you can take your time and enjoy the view as you ascend the hill. On the other hand, driving down the street can be difficult and overcrowded. Additionally, it can often take longer to drive down the street due to the limited visibility from the sharp turns.

In conclusion, driving up Lombard Street is generally the best option. It is safer, more cost-effective, and more convenient than driving down the street. However, no matter which way you decide to go, make sure you take your time and be aware of your surroundings. Lombard Street is a famous road, and it can be a fun and memorable experience if you take the time to enjoy it.

Should You Drive Up Or Down Lombard Street?

Navigating San Francisco’s Crookedest Road: Driving Down Lombard Street

If you’re visiting San Francisco, you don’t want to miss out on one of the city’s most iconic sites – Lombard Street! Half a mile of winding road with eight sharp hairpin turns, Lombard Street is known as “The Crookedest Street in the World.” It’s not only a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also a thrilling experience for drivers and passengers alike.

The street is open to one-way traffic from Hyde Street to Leavenworth Street. Cars can only go downhill, and it’s not uncommon to find traffic jams during the summer season. It’s important to obey the speed limit of 8 mph, as the steep road and numerous turns can be dangerous for drivers who are going too fast.

If you prefer to experience Lombard Street as a passenger, there are plenty of transportation options. Hop-on, hop-off buses offer guided tours of the area, and you can even book a ride in a classic cable car or historical trolley.

There is also an alternative route for those who prefer to avoid Lombard Street. The Filbert Steps is a scenic zigzag walkway that runs parallel to Lombard Street. It is located between Leavenworth and Hyde Streets, and offers a great vantage point to take in the views of the surrounding neighborhood.

As for parking, there are several garages near Lombard Street. Most of the garages offer discounted rates if you book online in advance. Here is a list of the prices and hours for each garage:

Fisherman’s Wharf$5/hour7am – 11pm
Embarcadero$10/hour7am – 11pm
Ghirardelli Square$15/hour7am – 11pm

Whether you choose to drive or take a tour, Lombard Street is an exciting and unique experience that you won’t want to miss out on. Be sure to plan ahead and make the most of your visit.

Should You Drive Up Or Down Lombard Street? 2

Exploring San Francisco’s Iconic Landmark: Cruising Up Lombard Street

Cruising up Lombard Street in San Francisco is one of the most iconic experiences for any traveler. Known as the crookedest street in the world, Lombard Street offers amazing views and plenty of fun for drivers. But the question remains: Should you drive up or down Lombard Street?

If you’re looking for the full experience, the best option is to cruise down the street. This will give you the opportunity to take in the breathtaking views. The street is winding, so you won’t want to take it too quickly. If you’re planning to drive up Lombard Street, you’ll need to be prepared for winding roads and sharp curves. In either case, you’ll want to be sure to pay attention to the road and remain aware of your surroundings.

When you cruise down Lombard Street, you’ll have the opportunity to admire the famous flower beds. These are colorful and welcoming, and they offer a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city. You won’t want to miss the gorgeous views from the top of the hill either!

Driving up Lombard Street is a bit different. The street is much narrower and you’ll be dealing with a series of sharp turns. It’s also important to be aware of your speed and to remain aware of the traffic. You’ll want to make sure you drive slowly and cautiously because of the tight curves and narrow lanes.

When it comes to parking, there are a few options. Depending on the time of day, you may be able to find a spot on the street. Otherwise, there is a paid parking lot at the bottom of the hill. This is a good option for those who want a guaranteed spot to park.

Exploring Lombard Street in San Francisco is a must for any traveler. Whether you decide to drive up or down the street, you’ll be in for an unforgettable experience. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the breathtaking views!

What is Lombard Street?

Lombard Street is a famous street in San Francisco famously known for its eight sharp turns.

Is Lombard Street open to vehicle traffic?

Yes, Lombard Street is open to vehicle traffic, but there is a one-way policy that must be followed.

Which direction should you drive up or down Lombard Street?

You must drive down Lombard Street, starting at the top of the hill and ending at the bottom.

How can you access the top of Lombard Street?

The top of Lombard Street can be accessed from either Hyde Street or Leavenworth Street.

What types of vehicles are allowed to drive down Lombard Street?

Most vehicles are allowed, including cars, buses, and taxis, although motorcycles are prohibited.

Are there any speed limits for driving on Lombard Street?

Yes, the speed limit while driving on Lombard Street is 5 mph.

Is there a fee to drive down Lombard Street?

No, there is no fee to drive down Lombard Street.

What time of day is the best time to drive down Lombard Street?

The best time to drive down Lombard Street is in the early morning or late evening when the street is less crowded.

Is there a recommended route to take while driving down Lombard Street?

Yes, the recommended route to take is to start at the top of the hill and drive slowly down each of the turns.

Are there any other attractions near Lombard Street?

Yes, there are several popular attractions near Lombard Street, including the famous Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square.

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