Where do you park for a Cubs game?
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Where do you park for a Cubs game?

For those who are looking to enjoy the classic American pastime of attending a Chicago Cubs game, the question of where to park for the game is an important one. The Cubs play their home games at Wrigley Field, which is located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. The parking options near Wrigley Field vary, depending on your budget, convenience, and preference.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive parking option, there are plenty of street parking spots available throughout the neighborhood. However, it is important to note that these spots can fill up quickly, especially on game days. Additionally, it is important to be careful when parking on the street, as the rules and regulations vary in different areas. To avoid any unwanted fees or issues, always be sure to read the signs before parking.

There are also several lots located near Wrigley Field that offer parking for Cubs games. Each lot has different rates, depending on the day and time of the game, so it’s important to do your research in advance to find the most cost-effective option. Additionally, some of the lots offer discounts for season ticket holders or those with a valid ID.

For those looking for a more convenient option, there are several private parking services available in the area. These services offer a variety of options, from valet parking to self-parking. Prices vary, but they can be more expensive than the other options. Additionally, these services may require advance reservations, so it’s important to book your spot in advance.

Finally, for a truly luxurious experience, there are several parking garages located near Wrigley Field. These garages have higher rates than the other options, but the added convenience and security make them worth the extra cost. Plus, many of the garages offer a variety of perks, such as valet service and pre-paid options.

No matter what your budget or preference, there is an option to suit your needs when it comes to parking for a Cubs game. From street parking to private services, there are plenty of options available to make your game day experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Where do you park for a Cubs game?

Where to Find Best Parking Spots for Chicago Cubs Fans

As a Chicago Cubs fan, you will probably want to find the best places to park for the game. Luckily, there are a few great parking spots available near the stadium that will make it easy to get to the game. Here are some of the best places to park for a Cubs game.

1. The Official Cubs Lot: The official Cubs lot is located directly across the street from Wrigley Field. This lot is the most convenient parking option for those attending a Cubs game. The lot is open three hours prior to the start of the game and is accessible from both the Addison and Sheffield sides of the stadium. Note that the official Cubs lot is also the most expensive option, costing up to $50.

2. Adjacent Street Parking: Street parking is available around the stadium, but you should plan to arrive early to secure a spot. Prices vary, but most spots cost between $15 and $30. It is important to be aware of the parking restrictions for the area, as some streets have limited or no parking at certain times.

3. Nearby Private Lots and Garages: There are a number of private lots and garages located within a few blocks of Wrigley Field. These lots and garages are cheaper than the official Cubs lot, with prices ranging from $15-$30. Most of these lots and garages open three hours prior to the start of the game.

4. Public Transportation: Taking public transportation is an easy way to get to a Cubs game. The CTA offers several options to get to and from Wrigley Field, including the Red Line, Purple Line, and several bus routes. Prices vary, but a single ride on the CTA typically costs around $2.50.

Parking Options and Prices:

Official Cubs LotUp to $50
Street Parking$15-$30
Nearby Private Lots and Garages$15-$30
Public Transportation$2.50

No matter which parking option you choose, you can be sure that you’ll be able to get to the game on time and in style. So go ahead and check out the best parking spots for Chicago Cubs fans and make your way to the ballpark.

Where do you park for a Cubs game? 2

The Easiest and Most Convenient Parking Options for Cubs Games

If you’re a fan of the Chicago Cubs, you’re probably wondering where the best place to park for a Cubs game is. While there are many parking garages and lots around Wrigley Field, choosing the most convenient and affordable option can be challenging. Fortunately, there are a few great options that can make your Cubs game parking experience easy and stress-free.

One of the most popular parking options for Cubs games is the Wrigley Field parking lot. This lot is located directly across from Wrigley Field and offers easy access and convenient parking for all Cubs games. The rates for this lot vary depending on the game and time, but generally range between $20-$30 per spot.

For a more convenient and affordable parking option, consider the Wrigleyville Garage. This garage offers guaranteed pre-paid spots that can be reserved for a fraction of the cost of the Wrigley Field parking lot. The Wrigleyville Garage is located just a few blocks away from Wrigley Field, making it an excellent choice for Cubs game parking.

If you’re looking for a truly convenient and affordable option, consider the Cubs Park and Ride. This program offers free shuttles to and from Wrigley Field for all Cubs games. You can park your car at one of the designated parking lots near the stadium and catch the shuttle to the game. This is a great way to avoid the hassles of finding a parking spot and paying expensive fees.

For Cubs fans looking for the most convenient and affordable parking options, the Wrigley Field parking lot, Wrigleyville Garage, and Cubs Park and Ride are great choices. Each of these options offers easy access and convenient parking for Cubs games.

Parking Options

Wrigley FieldAcross from Wrigley Field$20-$30/spot
Wrigleyville GarageA few blocks away from Wrigley FieldPre-paid spots available at a fraction of the cost
Cubs Park and RideDesignated parking lots near the stadiumFree shuttles to and from Wrigley Field
Where do you park for a Cubs game?

The parking lot at Wrigley Field is the main lot for Cubs games, and its address is 1060 W. Addison St., Chicago, IL 60613.

Are there other parking options for a Cubs game?

Yes, there are other parking lots and street parking available around Wrigley Field, but they may be more expensive than the main lot.

How much does it cost to park for a Cubs game?

It depends on the lot or street parking spot you choose. Prices range from $20-$50.

Is there public transportation to the ballpark?

Yes, there are multiple public transportation options available from the Chicago area such as the Metra, CTA, and Pace.

Is there a tailgating policy for the game?

Tailgating is not allowed in the parking lot of Wrigley Field for Cubs games.

What time does the parking lot open?

The parking lots typically open 2 hours before the game.

Is there a map of the parking lots?

Yes, you can find a map of the parking lots online at the Cubs official website.

Are there any special parking restrictions at the ballpark?

Yes, there are special restrictions for large vehicles such as RVs, limousines, and buses.

Is there an overnight parking option for the ballpark?

No, there is no overnight parking option available for Cubs games.

Do all parking lots have accessible parking spaces?

Yes, all parking lots at the ballpark have accessible parking spaces for those with disabilities.

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