Why Did Disney Close Splash Mountain?
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Why Did Disney Close Splash Mountain?

Disney has closed its popular Splash Mountain attraction in both California’s Disneyland and Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort. The decision to close the ride came as a surprise to many, and has raised questions about why Disney would close such a popular attraction.

The decision was made after Disney received criticism from fans on social media that the theme of the ride was offensive to those of African descent. Splash Mountain, which is based on the 1946 Disney movie “Song of the South”, is widely considered to be a film that promotes racism. Disney has since decided to give the ride a “Princess and the Frog” theme, which is based on the 2009 Disney movie “The Princess and the Frog”, a movie which features a black princess.

The closure of Splash Mountain is a part of Disney’s efforts to promote a more inclusive environment across all of its parks. Disney has also announced that it will be creating more diverse characters in its films and attractions, and it is possible that this is just the beginning of a new era of inclusivity for the company.

The closure of Splash Mountain has impacted the Walt Disney World Resort, as the ride was one of the most popular attractions at the resort. However, Disney has already begun replacing the ride with a new “Princess and the Frog” ride, which is expected to open sometime in 2022.

It remains to be seen if the closure of Splash Mountain will have any long-term effect on Disney’s business. However, it is clear that Disney is taking steps to create a more inclusive atmosphere for all of its guests and employees. By making this move, Disney is hoping to create an environment that is more respectful and welcoming for everyone.

Why did Disney close Splash Mountain?

Exploring The Reasons Behind Disney’s Decision To Close Splash Mountain

Disney recently announced that they will be permanently closing their iconic Splash Mountain ride in both the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World. The ride was based on the 1946 movie Song of the South, which has long been criticized for its racial stereotypes.

Disney has not officially stated the reasons behind their decision to close Splash Mountain, but there are a few theories. The most popular is that the ride was seen as an outdated relic of the past and not in line with the company’s current direction. Additionally, it may have been seen as insensitive to keep a ride based on a movie with problematic themes and characters.

The ride has been known to draw large crowds due to its popularity, so the closure will come at a cost for Disney. However, the company has stated that they will be retheming the ride and replacing it with a new attraction based on the 2009 animated movie The Princess and the Frog.

The new ride will feature characters from the movie, including Princess Tiana, and is expected to open in late 2021. Disney plans to replace all the Splash Mountain logos and merchandise with new items featuring the characters from The Princess and the Frog.

Despite some of the criticisms of the ride, many fans are still sad to see it go, and have already begun sharing their memories of the ride on social media. Disney is hoping that the new ride will bring the same joy and excitement to visitors that Splash Mountain did.

Why did Disney close Splash Mountain? 2

The Impact Of Racism On Disney’s Closing Of Splash Mountain

Disney recently announced their intention to close Splash Mountain, one of the most popular attractions at their theme parks. The move follows a growing call for the company to address the racism inherent in the ride’s inspiration, the 1946 film Song of the South.

The ride has been in operation since 1989 and has been a mainstay of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. It follows Br’er Rabbit, a character featured in the controversial film, on a journey through a plantation-style world. The movie is widely considered to be a romanticized version of slavery and racism in the American South.

In light of this, Disney has decided to close the ride and re-theme it to the 2009 animated film The Princess and The Frog which follows the story of an African-American princess in New Orleans. Disney has already begun to remove some of the more offensive imagery from the ride, such as the zip-a-dee-doo-dah song which was prominently featured in the original film.

Splash Mountain is just one example of Disney’s efforts to address racism and other forms of intolerance. The company has also launched initiatives such as Disney Dreamers Academy, which helps to empower and inspire young people of color. In addition, Disney recently announced its Black is King series which celebrates the richness of African-American culture.

The closure of Splash Mountain is just one step in a much larger journey for Disney. The company has committed to using its immense platform to create a more inclusive and diverse world for its fans and employees. It’s a journey that is sure to be filled with bumps and potholes, but one that will ultimately lead to greater acceptance and understanding of the many unique cultures and perspectives that make up our world.

Why did Disney close Splash Mountain?

Disney closed Splash Mountain in its theme parks as part of its commitment to reducing racism and creating more inclusive experiences.

What is the reason behind Splash Mountain's closure?

Disney closed Splash Mountain as part of its commitment to reducing racism and creating more inclusive experiences.

What does Disney's closure of Splash Mountain signify?

Disney’s closure of Splash Mountain signifies a commitment to reducing racism and creating more inclusive experiences.

When did Disney announce the closure of Splash Mountain?

Disney announced the closure of Splash Mountain in June 2020.

What alternative will replace Splash Mountain?

Disney has announced that an alternative rides and attractions inspired by The Princess and the Frog will replace Splash Mountain.

What changes will be made to Splash Mountain?

Disney plans to make changes to Splash Mountain to make it more inclusive and to better reflect the values of the company.

How long will the closure of Splash Mountain last?

Disney has not provided an exact timeline for the closure of Splash Mountain, but it is expected to be closed for an extended period of time.

Which theme parks is Splash Mountain being closed in?

Splash Mountain is being closed in all of Disney’s theme parks, including Disneyland, Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris.

Can guests still ride Splash Mountain?

No, guests are not able to ride Splash Mountain at this time.

What other changes has Disney made in response to its commitment to reducing racism?

Disney has made a variety of changes, including increasing representation in its films and parks, creating content to educate on racism and diversity, and forming partnerships with organizations that promote inclusion and equity.

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